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Epic Active Adventure Kenya Wildlife Safaris/Kenya Safari Bookings/Active Holidays.About YHA Kenya Travel tours & safaris.
YHA Kenya Travel is one of the best and trusted unique safari companies operating in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania with extensive knowledge and experience in hospitality, tourism and travel industry. With us, we will handle all types of guests and budgets for a wonderful wildlife safari in Africa. We always aspire and target to exceed customer expectations, hopes and dreams with the help of good value and services by our experienced safari guides.
We are highly passionate and committed to what we do, we love our country, people and culture, reason why our mission is to project this to our clients. We are willing to go the extra mile in ensuring that you get good value for your money!
We are leaders in Epic Active Adventures Kenya and Tanzania Budget Adventure Safaris, Mountain Climbing Active Adventures, Tours and Excursions, Hot Air Ballooning, Hotel and Lodge Bookings, Airport Pick up And Transfers and Many More Activity Adventures to make your Kenya safari bookings.
YHA Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris is a family based travel agent and tour operator offering travelers with high quality tailor made active adventure safari holiday package trips, but also at fair prices to best tourist spots in Kenya and Tanzania. We operate in Nairobi Kenya, although our travelers come from around the world.
YHA Kenya Travel was founded to help provide travelers of all walks of life and social background with exceptional active activity adventure holidays of high value, high levels of knowledge, discipline, professionalism and Commitment to expertise is well practiced and maintained. We are very proud of the depth of knowledge our able team of travel expert advisors and professionals have obtained over the years.
Everyone in our team has lived, worked and travelled extensively in East Africa mostly to all major tourist destinations and have all grown to love it with passion.
We have launched tour packages for guided small group adventures where our level of expertise and service is already strong. This style of travel in small group active adventure trips within areas that we are so well versed with has proven to be exciting and a successful venture.
We commit to high level service and to guarantee protection within our operations.
We are happy to have you speak with one of our staff on any certain area that you are interested in travelling for best pricing For travelers who enjoy active adventure travel, Kenya offers great options for best getaways.
Our Vision.
Our company’s vision is to provide you with affordable, quality epic active activity adventure holiday travel services. Our experienced expert guides will ensure that you experience the best adventures. Safety, fun, comfort and a memorable vacation along the way. We want you to experience what we have come to love.
A word of warning most of our visitors wants to come back time and time again. We look forward to meeting and assisting you on your first adventure trip. Also to welcoming you back on your future return visits.
Family Vacations.
Venture near and far to see where the wild natural things are in Kenya and Tanzania. Make your adventure experience the most interesting wildlife encounters. As you get ready to capture awesome stunning prize worthy shots along the way.
Travelling with your family is an invaluable experience that will create memories to last a lifetime.
Planning for a family vacation can be tedious and challenging times that are why it helps to have the help from travel experts and professionals like us.
We like to understand your family just to make sure that your vacation is perfectly tailored to your needs. We are good at crafting that perfect customized epic active adventure safari vacation for your family.
Happy Trials.
Our guarantee to you.
We acknowledge that travel to Kenya cost a lot of money. You want to be sure that you’re spending it with a reliable company. YHA Kenya Travel is part of the most successful. Independent family owned Travel Company, which has been operating since 2010. We have a long track record of stability, good service, professionalism and our promise to you comes in two important parts:
1. Peace of mind guaranteed
2. Guaranteed no currency surcharges (no hidden costs). Once you have booked a trip with us, the price stays the same. No matter how the currency markets change before you travel.
We remain owner run. 100% independent and committed to offering high quality service and respected advice.
Our team guides you with impartial professional advice. Then you make the decisions about your trip.
All our trips are fully bonded, giving you complete peace of mind.

What to pack for your Trip to Africa.
*Camera & Lenses
*Sun glasses
*Passport/ Insuarance & Drivers Licence
*power adaptor 3 pin for electrical items
*Toiletries- Personal care cosmetics
*Maralia Pills and other medications
*Insect repellent
*flash light
*Extra pair of socks, shoes and sandles
*pen knife
*Credit cards and small amount of cash
* power backup
*Extra batteries/SD Cards for your camera

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