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YHA Kenya Travel Tours and Safaris a travel specialist and experts in Mountain Adventures. Operating inbound active adventure tourism within Kenya and Tanzania. We are Kenya’s leading best adventure travel holiday specialists in the travel business for years now and we are offering the best safari bookings on good value fantastic mountain adventures holiday package tour expeditions with fantastic deals throughout the year. We have years of experience organizing active travel that are very unique for adventure funs of Mountain Climbers to Mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro among others. In short we organize epic active holidays of high quality good value fantastic deals packages like wildlife safaris, expeditions for Explorers, mountain climbing, hiking and trekking with lots of other active adventure travel activities throughout the year to every one whether travelling alone, with an organized group, a family or travelers of every nature.

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Our experience working with various travel groups and independent travelers by organizing, planning active adventure tour expeditions for their Explorers, climbers, Trekkers and hikers in Mountain adventures in Kenya.

These trips are most exciting, fun, safe, affordable good value and quality. We hope that you will enjoy some of our tour packages for climbing Mount Kenya walking around the Mount Kenya National Park the most scenic Mountain in Kenya. We will ensure that you enjoy your lifetime adventure, take awesome photos for record and memories.

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An overview of Mount Kenya. 

 Mount Kenya is Africa’s second-highest mountain after Kilimanjaro. This extinct volcano is estimated to be 2.5 million years old. Time has taken its toll on the former, reducing the peak from 6500m to 5199 m today, while nature’s untiring eroding agents long ago eroded the crater. Mount Kenya, at an altitude of 5199 [17058ft] is the country's highest mountain, has its higher slope permanently covered in snow and ice, even though it sits astride the equator.

The National Park comprises the mountain above the 320m [10,500ft] contour plus two salient astride the Naro Moru and the Sirimon routes.

The mountain consists of three peaks the Batian [the highest] Nelion and Lenana. Of these peaks, the original hard center core is all that remains; the bulk of the volcano has been eroded away with time.

Mount Kenya is located about 200km north of Nairobi within the Mount Kenya National Park.

It is very easy to get to Mount Kenya for an adventure hike activity by road in various travel options namely public transport from Nairobi or other towns using mini busses, privately hired vehicle, Taxi or private means.

These options will lead you to towns and trekking routes close to the mountain and mostly on dirt roads. The route town options are Nanyuki town for the Sirimon route, Naro Moru town for Narumoru route and Chogoria town in Meru for Chogoria route.

The park protected an area of 3200m above sea level was established in 1949 and covers an area of 715 sqm. Km. The mountain comprises three main zones: - the rocky peak zone, the afro-alpine moorland with its scattering of giant vegetation and the extensive tower slope covered with mountain forest and a bamboo there are over 81plant species. Any fit and a prepared person can reach point Lenana, the so-called trekker’s peak; the summit has the twin peaks of 5199m Batian and Nelion and is considered more technically challenging than the higher Mt Kilimanjaro at 5894m.  Mount Kenya climbing expedition.


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Epic 3 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Sirimon Down Sirimon.

Epic 4 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Up Sirimon Down Sirimon.

Epic 5 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Up Sirimon Down Sirimon.

Epic 5 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Naromoru Route.

Epic 5 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Up Naro Moru Out Chogoria Route.

Epic 6 Days Adventure Mount Kenya Climbing Up Chogoria Out Timau Route.

Epic 6 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Up Naro Moru Out Chogoria Route.

Epic 7 Days Adventure Climbing Mount Kenya Up Chogoria Out Naro Moru Route.

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